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New Art Page


       RR September 11, 2001

        Rebekah Meets the Rangers

        Thanks from Gadget!

        Gadget Pets a Butterfly

         Halloween, 2002

         A whole lotta Gadgets!

         Dale and Foxy and wildflowers



          For Greyhound Bus

         "Peace" the Bat for Robert Homuth

         Snakebit Meets the Rangers

         Chip and Gadget down the hill

         Gadget Saves the Day

         Gadget at Work


Miss Ibid       Iced_Tea       Sheriff Gadget!    GAdgetonmyshoulder   for AQD Robert - Dale duels!   SportsMice_Gymnastics               Two sketches of Gadget 

Monty working out with a teabag   Wages of Crime     Gollythanks     Gadget_F18

Three OClock in the morning    Fat Cat's Nightmare    Gadget's Schematic    Gadget Studies Dancing