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April 15 - 21 is Medical Laboratory Week.  The hospital where I work held a contest for a department logo to be used in our facility.  After clearing it with the event organizer, I submitted a design with the Rescue Rangers.  Oddly enough, it won the popular vote among laboratory staff (there were about a dozen entries).

After winning (there was a $ 10.00 prize, but that was nothing compared to the ego trip - and the three T-shirts I made for myself cost more than that - so no profit was made on this deal!) I expanded the different sections of the logo into full-page descriptions of the sorts of things that each department in the lab does.  And I added pages for a few departments which I didn't have room to include on the main picture.

Since they are supposed to be educational in nature, the pages should be considered Gadget_bytes and so are free for anyone to download for educational purposes.  Help yourself but please do not alter without asking first!

As always, "Chip 'N' Dale's Rescue Rangers" are copyright Disney Corporation and used here WITHOUT permission.  This is a strictly non-profit hobby intended to educate and to promote interest in the Rangers in a family-friendly way.

The Winning Logo!

Departments of the Laboratory

Here are some photos of me and mine at the lab